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Where it all started...

It all started here.

My first leap into the world of computers and programming started back in 1996 when I was just 10, on a very old 386 computer running windows 3.1. Back then there wasn't the huge endless void of the internet to play on and games hadn't come very far (excluding Chips Challenge of corse) and as a result of this I discovered a little program called qbasic. I had a small (very small) amount of exposure to BASIC already from an old ZX Spectrum where my father taught me to draw circles and other fascinating shapes on the screen, but qbasic was much more powerful. Over time I managed to create small games right up to football management sims. There was a beautiful simplicity in the applications and although it took a lot of code to do very little it was a great start and gave me a great foundation in programming which I'm sure is still helping me today.

One of the first programs I ever created in qbasic, pretty advanced stuff!

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