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Exploring Ruby on Rails - The Beginning

Recently I've been really interested in understanding how 'real' web applications are put together, what goes into them and how they're created. Ruby, is a "dynamic ... general-purpose object-oriented programming language" - thanks Wikipedia, and has always been a language I've admired but never known much about.

While browsing on Treehouse (an online training website) I noticed they had a course on building a simple Ruby application. I had never used Treehouse as I usually adopt the scour-youtube-for-hours-looking-for-useful-tutorials method of training, so I thought, why not give it a go.

... Half a day later and I've created my very own working (albeit very simple) 'Social Network', it allows you to post status updates, has authentication for registrations and logins, and loads of other cool little bits!

Needless to say, I'd really recommend Treehouse to anyone looking to learn Ruby or a host of other languages on their site too.

I'll report back once I've finished the course and will hopefully be able to link to a published version of my first Ruby on Rails web application.