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Matt Buckland

The Peagreen Cupboard is an online boutique selling a range of one-off objects which are selected for their beauty and eccentricity. These objects are often refined and refurbished with Peagreen' unique touch.

The Peagreen Cupboard required a brand, online e-commerce website, promotional materials and stationary. The website had to be able to handle many products with a strong focus on SEO and useability.

It was requested that the website conveyed the notion of looking through an actual cupboard without appearing too gimmicky. Subtle wood and paper textures were used to represent the Peagreen Cupboard as a tangible object and allow customers to purchase items directly from the site. The final result is a fully functional identity and website that successfully conveys The Peagreen Cupboard’s unique charm.

The logo is distinct in various sizes and can be used with a subtle wooden texture to add a traditional feel. To personalize the customer experience further a series of stamps and stickers were created to be used on invoices and envelopes. All Peagreen stationary is printed on high quality, textured paper and uses beautiful typography, adding to its charm.

"I found working with Jack and Matt easy - they were very accessible and prepared to listen to ideas and put them into practice. They took all my fear out of the project and kept the project driving forward. They were professional at all times and gave excellent advice and ideas. I would have no doubt in recommending them both technically and creatively.” Anna Hills, The Peagreen Cupboard" - Anna Hills

This Project was created alongside designer Jack Larner