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Matt Buckland

Rapture is a small brand communications agency with big ideas. Their aim is to help businesses express themselves through carefully thought out visual identities and websites. Based in the beautiful city of Cambridge, Rapture works for a variety of international clients.

Rapture needed a website redesign that made it easier for client communication, content presentation and a slick new look which stood out from the competition.

The website was completely redesigned and redeveloped to be quick to load and visually appealing. Small HTML infographics where placed throughout the site to add visual flair and allow easy understanding of the services on offer. These had to be made responsive and adaptable for the increasing number of screen sizes available today.

The website was built with a mobile-first philosophy. Removing all but the necessary components from the mobile view and building upon that once the screen size increased.

The result was an effective, efficient and user friendly site which guided the user through and provided links and information in the right place at the right time.