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Matt Buckland

Moonbabies needed a unique and quirky eCommerce platform which specialised in selling baby products. The USP is purchases can only be made during fixed hours, synced to when the moon is out. The application had to fit into the lifestyle of new parents, particularly mothers.

After looking through the eCommerce solutions currently available it was clear that Moonbabies was going to need something bespoke to fully meet the requirements of the application without compromise.

Every aspect of the platform was built with the unique specification of Moonbabies in mind. The system was built from scratch in PHP, using Laravel. This enabled complete customisation of feature sets and extendability in the future. The benefits of this, are, should Moonbabies grow at any rate, the platform will be able to support that growth well into the future.

Countless hours were spent adding complexity to the site but ensuring that the complexity was abstracted away from the user while providing a clear, simple interface.

Good UI/UX is simple to use but a great UI/UX is completely transparent where the user doesn't notice the style of the buttons or have to think of where to click next. The design should guide the user naturally to their desired actions with as little effort as possible.

Security was a big concern when creating a bespoke system and this was a high priority throughout the project. From ensuring customers credit card details never touched the server, to enabling strong SSL encryption throughout the site, security was taken very seriously.

A complete backend administration system was designed from the ground up to provide absolute control over the entirety of the application from stock control to user communication, and product creation to financial reporting, every feature was carefully thought out to be easy to use but provide enough power to complete all the tasks needed.