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Matt Buckland

ListWhale is a new way to create, share, and view gift lists with friends, family and colleagues.
They required a fully responsive web application to fulfil their vision to provide an easy, useful way of creating gift lists for events, birthdays, weddings and more.

This project has now been replaced by

ListWhale allows you to create gift lists for any occasion. Once created, the lists can be shared privately with friends and family who can chat amongst themselves, reserve & purchase items, and more, all hidden from the lists creator and all without leaving the application.

ListWhale was built in PHP using the Laravel framework. Laravel was chosen for this project due to its reliability, scalability and speed.
Other services which were integrated included; Twitter, Mandrill, Bugsnag, Google Adsense & Analytics, NewRelic, and MailChimp.

The application was designed to be responsive to allow full functionality on the go. Responsive transactional emails were also developed and integrated into the system to add interactivity and extra functionality.